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gogo comes with everything you need to get your business rolling.

An innovative tech-based on-demand & logistics solutions startup with a knack to raise the delivery benchmark offers a variety of services & solutions to its partners and clientele; ranging from an easy to use on-demand delivery platform fulfilling deliveries for restaurants, online and offline businesses to many more features that optimize operations for many verticals.

What we do?

On-demand delivery

Request a driver and get your package delivered within the hour

Fleet and delivery management

Book your delivery for any hour of the day, or get your client to choose their delivery window

API integration

Schedule your delivery within the week, tell us when to pick up and when to deliver.

Who we serve



Fashion & retail

Food & beverage

Health and beauty




How we serve

Intuitive gogo Dashboard

One easy to use dashboard that enables you to request, manage and track. Add whichever modules gogo offer to customise your experience.

Live tracking

Choose any delivery service your business needs and be rest assured that both you and your customer can track your package in real time.

Professional fleet

Our fleet is trained to serve any business vertical, with cash on delivery, multi-order, and a smile. After all we are providing a service that will represent you and us.

Route optimization

if you require multiple pickups and drop-offs we can optimize and plan the whole route and even by customer pickup or drop-off selected hour and day.

Driver assigning

Our platform grants you several options of how to dispatch your orders; the closest, the highest rating driver, manual assigning, and many other options that depend on your requirements.

Customer support

Trained individuals to resolve any issue.

Adaptive delivery

gogo drivers operate all day, which means we have your back by sharing all of our drivers with you in case you were short of drivers in those peaks of on-demand deliveries. Look at it like an extremal plug and play module that you can rely on when you experience high demand in certain hours. You will also get to manage them the same way you manage your drivers.

Express Delivery

- Get your package picked up within 15 minutes

- Delivery fulfillment within the hour

Same or Next day delivery

- We pick up the package at your inconvenience

- We allow your client choose the best delivery window of 3 hour intervals

Scheduled deliveries

- Schedule all your routes and trips for the next month using a simple calendar

- Get reports for all deliveries made

- Notifications and reminders

- Simple edit to change driver, date and time

- Or get your client to decide when is the best time for them to receive the package

Gogo has developed a fully functional platform and supporting mobile apps for drivers and managers with all the key features.

Punctuality,service and flexibility.

All of gogo’s products and services have proven reliability and are working to all types of users, their feedback is recorded and analyzed to continually develop gogo's products.

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