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Utter flexibility allowing you to customize your delivery needs. Drive delivery costs down and bring more value to your product or by a third party.

Here's a different option for you.

  1. Express, same day or next day delivery.
  2. You can give your clients the option to choose the delivery service required, and we will do the rest
  3. We can handle and manage your orders to make sure everything is under control with our easy ticketing process, never again send the wrong order out
  4. Our algorithm will notify you when the order needs to be sent out to avoid delays.
  5. Our drivers can collect your payments to confirm your order from your customer, and deliver it once its ready.
  6. Our drivers can process your customers payments on delivery
  7. We have a super easy dashboard that enables you to send as many deliveries as you want, track, analysis and best of all give your clients a 5 star service just like any other e-commerce company

GoGo’ has also created a hub that connects all businesses &individuals with any company, delivery company or individual offering to fulfill deliveries required, while at the same time ensuring the best service on ground,
  1. Deliver directly from your store.
  2. Get your client to choose best drop off time.
  3. Manage, monitor everything from gogo’s dashboard.
  4. Both you and your client can track the order in real time.
  5. All day customer support.
  6. We can pick up, drop off and return your packages.
  7. Cash Collection, Cash on delivery & Credit Card  payment option.
  8. White labeling.

Nothing but the best for your business

Stop searching for drivers and used vehicles to get your business up and running. We can deliver anything for you.


“Great service, doing things the right way rather than the easy way. I am still getting compliments about the food delivery service.”


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